Research in neural circuits is at a turning point. Given an explosion of new techniques, we are now able to map, manipulate, and monitor neural activity in defined elements within neural circuits with unprecedented resolution. This is allowing neuroscientists to do experiments that were not even dreamed of 10 years ago. Many of these experiments are now at the early stages of revealing exciting new insights regarding the neural circuit basis of behavior.
The PNI is at the forefront of this field of research, with a number of labs combining optical, electrophysiological and molecular techniques to dissect the neural circuit basis of a variety of fundamental behaviors, including sensory processing, working memory, reward processing, learning and spatial navigation. In addition, these experimentalists often work closely with theorists to analyze and model their data, taking advantage of the strong computational neuroscience community at Princeton.
In addition, the Bezos Center for Neural Dynamics is a newly formed center that supports neural circuit research at Princeton.